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About Agathonisi

Agathonisi is the northern island of Dodekanisa with deep marine partition and many lay bights. For swimming good place are the Cave, the beach Tsagari and the bight Poros.

In the deep blue waters of the Dodecanisa Greece and in the North East of the body of South Sporades, is situated the Agathonisi island, surrounded by other smaller uninhibited islands like Kounelonisi, Katsagani, Neronisi, Strongily, Pitta etc.

It's the northest island of Dodecanisa group and it's 8 nautical miles from the Micrasiatian coasts.The length of the island is 7 kilometres from the East to the west, the width 3 kilometres and the length of its coast is about 32 kilometres. The island looks like a donkey, which gallops towards Meandrous river of Asia Minor where its muddy waters reach the eastern coasts of Agathonisi.

Agathonisi means the fools' island or the island of the good hearted people, so the name alone predisposes the visitor to understand that this is a very peaceful and good-natured island. It is an ideal place to feel secluded and far away from everything and everyone, as indeed you are, since regular boat communication with Patmos is only twice a week.

Agathonisi is connected by sea with with Patmos island and Rhodes island (through Patmos). A concrete road joins the tree settles even though the sort distances between them make for enjoyable everyday walks.

The quite life of the island, the calm, the hospitality of the locals, the cleanliness of the beaches and the fresh fish which the visitors is able to enjoy, since the cooking is done according to traditional recipes, all make Agathonisi an ideal. Agathonisi, a place for those who wish for quiet holidays away from the hustle of the main tourist routes.