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About Angistri

A small island at the center of the Saronic Gulf, 4 nautical miles from Aegina, with lush vegetation, lovely beaches and sparkling sea.

The ferryboat from Piraeus docks at the harbour of Skala, while caiques linking the island with Aegina drop anchor at Mylos or Megalochori, the second harbour.

Just one hour from noise polluted Athens and off the tourist track, lies the small green island of Agistri. Home to fewer than 1,000 people with tourist beds for maybe 1,000 more, it has one main road, ten kilometres from the sunrise at Skliri, through the ports at Skala and Milos, continuing to the village of Liminaria, and ending at Aponisos, in sight of the setting sun. 

Minutes from the harbour, waterfront tavernas, open-air bars and beach umbrellas beckon, yet beyond is an island of pine trees and olive groves, isolated coves and minimal private traffic. If not by rented bike, transport is by bus or taxi or horsedrawn carriage, the island has just one of each!

Left from the harbour at Skala and just beyond the Agistri Club Hotel at Skliri is Halikiada beach, made famous in the early eighties as the site of the Adam and Eve naturist meeting, a testing ground for naturism in Greece. It remains now as then, inaccessible to all except the determined few who seek the best that nature offers.

To the right of the harbour is Skala beach, fine sand, shallow water, sun umbrellas, lounge-chairs, and most of your fellow travellers. The others are dotted along the coast sunbathing on the shingle beaches reaching toward the village of Milos.

Beyond Milos is the bay of Dragonera, facing North and ideal for camping. Then across the island to the forgotten settlement of Liminaria where a small shop doubles as a taverna, an olive mill occupies the village square, and a golden dome adorns the central church. 
A short walk to the left terminates on a rocky platform occupied by sun worshipping campers. The water is deep, the swimming for the experienced, but the view is for all. Rising out of the shimmering sea is the volcano-capped peninsular of Methana. Magnificent!

Further one kilometre from the village, just past the tiny church of Saint Nicholas, is the lake from which Liminaria gets its name.Almost dry and saline in summer, it glistens in the spring and autumn sun. And then to Aponisos, to the blue lagoon - an expanse of clear sea water, covering a layer of fine sand - a swimming pool in the sea! And for refreshment, fresh fish and home-made wine at this most remote and simple of tavernas.

As a holiday centre Agistri has few equals - its own treasures abound, yet what opportunities it offers to relieve the sun, the sea and sedation! Guided tours of the Argolis penninsula, visiting the Lion's gate at Mycenae, Agamenon's city of gold, the castle above Naflion, the museums at the cultural spa of Epidavros, to relax as did the Greeks so many centuries ago, and then to the incredible Corinth canal.
Perhaps a day-cruise to the neighboring islands of Poros and Hydra, the picturesque port of pirates. Or simply a local boat to Aegina, to visit the temple of Afea, the monastry of Nectarias, the fish market and the floating vegetable market. And, uniquely, an evening out, by sea and land to the theatre at Epidavros to be enchanted under the moonlight by modern productions of classical plays.

And then there is Athens - with the Acropolis just one hour from your holiday paradise you have no excuse not to be a tourist, at least, for one day! All these day-tours can be arranged at the reception of the Agistri Club Hotel.
As a final note - do you live in Athens? - do relatives and friends insist on visiting from abroad? What better place than Agistri to accomodate them? Just one hour from Athens, away from the pollution, we at the Agistri Club will be happy to look after your guests.