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About Crete

Crete is situated in the south of Greece. It is the largest island of the country and covers 12,500 km. It consists of four prefectures: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lasithi. Crete is a different world compared to other parts of Greece. Crete is a place with its own tradition, its own character and its own dialect.

Local people are very proud of their Cretan origin. This island played a very important role throughout Greek history. It was the first area in Greece which developed advanced civilisation, the famous Minoan Civilisation . Even in these days visitors experience the historical atmosphere of Crete, as you can find monuments and traces of foreign civilisations scattered all over the island.

Nowadays, Crete has a flourishing economy which is based partly on tourism. It has giant hotel resorts where you can enjoy splendid facilities. In the south of the island, you will find hundreds of exotic beaches, some crowded and some isolated which can satisfy any taste. Crete is famous for the fruits and vegetables production. So by visiting Crete, you have the chance to taste the world-known Cretan diet based mostly on pure olive oil!