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About Poros

"The island revolves in cubistic planes, one of walls and windows, one of rocks and goats, one of stiffblown trees and shrubs and so on. Yonder, where the mainland curves like a whip, lie the wild lemon groves and there in the spring young and old go mad from the fragrance of sap and blossom. You enter the harbor of Poros swaying and swirling, a gentle idiot tossed about admidst masts and nets in a world which only the painter knows. To sail slowly through the streets of Poros is to recapture the joy of passing through the neck of the womb. It is a joy too deep almost to be remembered." 

Henry Miller-The Collossus of Marousi

Imagine staying on an island so close to Athens that you could wake up in the morning and in a little more than an hour, be walking around the acropolis, shopping in the flea-market or wandering around the Plaka looking for gifts or a nice place for lunch. Imagine an island that is a three minute boat ride to the Peleponnesos and places like Nafplion, Myceneae, Epidavros. Imagine an island that is less then an hour from Pireaus, where you can make ferry connections to Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos, Lesbos, Rhodes and almost every island in the Aegean sea. And if this island was blessed with beautiful forests that came right down to the beach, quaility and inexpensive accommodations, great restaurants, water sports and cafe life on par with the best Greek islands, then why would you bother staying in Athens?

Poros does not have the incredible long sandy beaches of the Cyclades, but neither does downtown Athens. The beaches of Poros are small, shaded and calm, even on the windiest days. The island hugs the shore of the Peleponisos so that sailing through the channel is like going down a river. Its the perfect island for a day trip but in my opinion Poros is more than that. It is the most sensible place to base yourself if you are planning to see Athens, the Peleponisos and the Aegean islands.