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About Skiathos

Skiathos is the most popular of the Sporades, the islands to the east of Volos and north of Evia. It has much to offer people of all ages and nationalities most of whom find themselves returning year after year. The island is actually the extension of the wooded Mount Pelion and the scenary reflects this. Skiathos is a green island with forests and abundant water. There are fig, olive, plum, and almond trees as well as grapes.

There are over 60 beaches in Skiathos, all sandy including Koukounaries rated 7th best beach in the world and best in Greece. Also Banana Beach just around the headland. This is the island's only Naturist Beach and is fantastic and very sheltered. Check out the Cantina at the naturist end of Banana or just sit and watch the sunset. Most of the beaches are easy to get to by bus or moped as they are mostly found on the only main road on the Island. Others include the fantastic Lalaria beach which is accessable by excursion boat. There are all manner of water sports available at most of the beaches and even a diving center. As a rule, the closer you are to town the busier the beach will be. If you are looking for serenity go inland.

Walking in Skiathos is wonderful. The green and mountainous interior are worth all the effort. Check out Kounistras Monastery in the hills behind Troulos for a cooling mid day drink and simple food. A lady called Roula takes care of the place. She is very poor and lives only on what she makes from the sale of candles so give what you can. Also worth seeing are the ruins of Kastro which can be reached by excursion boats, and the Evangilistria Monastery, a haven for revolutionaries during the war for Independence against the Turks. It is said that the first Greek flag was flown here. It is located among pine and cyprus trees in a beautiful and dramatic setting and can be walked to from town if you are of reasonably good health.