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About Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a large (728 km2 - about 30.000 people), mountainous Ionian island, with a varied landscape, beautiful forests, magnificent views and an interesting wildlife (a.o. Monk Seal). In summer there can be quite some tourists on the island, visiting the beaches, but they are easy to escape.

From the mainland you can get there by aeroplane from Athens, Zakynthos or Corfu or by boat from Patras, Aitoloakarnania, Kilini and some Italian harbours. Also by boat you can reach the neighbouring islands of CorfuIthakiLefkadaPoros and Zakynthos.

Kefallonia, or Kefalonia, is the largest of the Ionians, the string of islands to the west of mainland Greece. It is a green island with many trees and flowers. In the spring the hills and fields are alive in a variety of wildflowers. The island has 27,000 inhabitants; many are farmers and fishermen.

Near the villages of Frangata and Valsamata lies the most sacred monastery and church of St Gerasimos where his relics of this saint are kept. On any given day, you will see pilgrims make the journey to the church to venerate St Gerasimos’ body to heal their illnesses. It’s an impressive sight to see. Under the monastery lies a two-room cave he built. He used to live, sleep and pray there.

To go from one room to the next, one must crawl through an approximately 15-inch square hole. It is said that all true believers (large or small) can fit through trough this hole. St. Gerasimos is a healer for the possessed and mentally disturbed. Many believe that he performs miracles on the day of his death on August 16th and on the 20th of October (which is the removal and granting of the Holy Relics). His body is carried in a procession out of the chapel to an old plane tree which was planted by the saint himself.