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About Kythira

The island of Kythira is part of the Ionian island group and is isolated at the foot of the Peloponnese, between the Ionian and the Aegean Seas. Kythira is a pretty large (278 km2 - about 3.000 inhabitants), moutainous island just south of the Peloponnesus. Kythira is not very touristic because it is not on the ship route to other islands. There are some nice beaches and the island is ideal for hiking.

From the mainland you can get there by aeroplane from Athens, Thessaloniki and many other European cities or by boat from Patras, Igoumenitsa, Ipiros and Italian harbours like Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Otranto, Trieste and Venice. Also by boat you can reach the neighbouring islands of Kefalonia, Ithaki and Paxoi.

The village Paleochora is one of the most beautiful villages of the island and is one of the places one really have to see. It is situated on the north-eastern part of Kythira Greece. The village is composed of the ruins of the medieval capital of the island. The village is dating from the Byzantine times and was called Agkefalonia Dimitrkefalonia. Paleochora is characterised by its charming architecture which reminds Monemvasia or Mystra.

The village was built between the hills in order that it couldn't be seen from the see and to be protected from the many pirate’s raids of the region. Despite that protection and the fortifications of the village, Paleochora was found by the famous pirate Barbarossa in 1537. He burnt the village and sold its inhabitants as slaves.
The village never had been reconstructed since for the reason that the area is considered as a place of bad fortune.
The village has also many churches with beautiful frescoes.

You get to Kythira by plane from Athens or by boat from Neapolis and Gythios or the neighbouring islands of Antikythira and Crete.